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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Kassius O. Benson is committed to excellence in the trial and appellate defense of individuals and businesses charged with crimes in Federal and state courts. He stands ready and able to defend and assert the rights of clients facing criminal charges.

Kassius O. Benson founded his firm in 2002 with the intention of providing experienced, excellent, and effective criminal defense to clients facing criminal charges in the Federal and state courts of Minnesota and Washington, D.C. The focus of the Firm has always been to provide client-centered representation to meet the various needs of its clients and achieve the best results in each client’s case.

Since the Firm’s creation, Kassius Benson has met and exceeded the goals of his clients. Kassius has successfully, zealously, and creatively represented clients who have been charged with all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, asset forfeiture matters, and other criminal related matters in Minnesota, Washington, D.C. and throughout the country.

Heroes Don’t Accept the World the Way It Is…
They Fight It!

Kassius Benson operates under the belief that “Heroes don’t accept the world the way it is . . . They fight it!” Anyone associated with the Firm is expected to conduct themselves in accordance with this belief. Attorney Kassius Benson will relentlessly fight for the best result for his clients facing criminal charges. Whether that challenge involves a jury trial, legal argument, investigation, or negotiation, Kassius Benson Law, P.A. will take every step to defend clients facing serious criminal consequences.

In doing so, Kassius Benson not only maintains the highest standard of criminal defense through all phases of the criminal process, but also strives to raise the level of practice and representation throughout the criminal defense bar for the ultimate benefit of all individuals facing criminal charges.

Areas of Practice

Federal criminal defense is a primary practice area at Kassius Benson Law, P.A. Kassius Benson, effectively levels the playing field between you and the federal government.

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Kassius Benson has successfully represented countless individuals charged with drug crimes and narcotic offenses in Minnesota, Washington, D.C. and Federal and state courts throughout the country.

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White collar crime refers to several non-violent crimes in which allegations of cheating or dishonesty are their common element. Kassius Benson Law, P.A. has the in-depth knowledge required to complete the significant analysis of evidence related to white collar crime.

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The seizure of personal property is a serious sanction implemented by federal and state governments. Mr. Benson has successfully litigated or negotiated the return of personal property seized by Federal and state governments including firearms, money, and vehicles.

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If you have been contacted by the police or have any reason to believe that you will be facing criminal charges in Minnesota or Washington, D.C., you should immediately contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  On some occasions, the best opportunity to prevail in a criminal prosecution is before formal charging.

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Murder, manslaughter or any homicide charge presents the most serious consequences and require a complete and aggressive defense from the start. Kassius Benson is the best choice for representation for a homicide charge.

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Kassius O. Benson has defended clients on every type of violent crime. He has had significant and successful experience as a trial lawyer in Minnesota and Washington, D.C.  Mr. Benson has been lead counsel in multiple homicide trials, and he has tried over 150 jury trials.  He has successfully defended every type of violent crime.

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Kassius Benson provides experienced representation to individuals charged with DWI throughout the state of Minnesota. We have established a DWI and Criminal Vehicular Crimes Group within the Criminal Division of the Firm in order to provide the most effective, current and relevant criminal defense to these matters.

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What our clients are saying

“More than anything else, Kassius Benson is a fighter. He was tenacious and kept pounding at the prosecutor’s case. His refusal to quit fighting for me led to the jury finding me Not Guilty.”

Phillip J.

“The defense attorney Mr. Benson definitely believed in his client and made us see the reasons to doubt the State’s case against Mr. Jones.”

Juror after Not Guilty Verdict

“Mr. Benson saved my life. I was charged with a felony I didn’t commit so we went to trial and he won.”

Jeffery P.

“Kassius represented my daughter. He got her into treatment and a diversion program ensuring that she would not have a felony and could stay in college.”

Pamela W.

“Kassius came highly recommended and my family and I couldn’t have been more blessed!!! Thank you Kassius, best attorney ever!”

Christa L.

“I am so grateful for the job that you and your team did on my behalf. You came through for me when other lawyers hadn’t. I appreciate the hard work and dedication you all put into my case.”

Doug Y.

“Having served my entire career in law enforcement, and facing a felony charge, I was concerned for my career and reputation. Kassius brokered an acceptable resolution that did not cost me my career.”

Damon T.

“The attorneys at Kassius Benson Law worked tirelessly, and did whatever was necessary to ensure the best result for my case. They came highly recommended to me and did not disappoint.”

Theresa M.

“Kassius – You’re the best and I recommend you to anyone who ever needs your help! I appreciate all that you do and stand for, aka Lincoln Lawyer.”

Matthew C.

“When my daughter was wrongfully implicated in a robbery charge, I followed a friend’s referral and hired Kassius’ firm. They got the case dismissed before trial. Thanks, Kassius!”

Cassandra T.

“Thank you Kassius!!! I don’t think I can say it enough!!! Thank you!!!” (Client after dismissal of felony drug charge).

Jamie T.

“Kassius had the jury nodding in agreement during his closing argument. They found me Not Guilty in only 30 minutes!”

Matt C.

“Facing a minimum 10 years in federal prison, I hoped to simply avoid such a lengthy prison sentence. Kassius obtained a PROBATION sentence through a proactive sentencing strategy. He is the best.”

Chris S.

“Kassius, I want to thank you for all that you did for me. You inspired me to change my life! You always treated me with kindness and respect. Again i cannot thank you enough!”

Mike Z.

“I was looking at 20 or more years in prison. Thanks to Kassius’ determination and creativity, I am going home in less than 3 years. Kassius and his Firm were tenacious. I owe them my life.”


“Kassius did it again! He got my charges of Assault dismissed and saved me a conviction and a lot of time in jail.”

Matt C.

“Kassius allowed me to have a future. I was innocent but accused of rape. Kassius got the charge dismissed. I can finish college and not worry about going to prison for something I did not do.”

James M.

Kassius was great. It was amazing that he obtained a diversion disposition on my criminal drug case when the previous lawyer I had said their was no chance of that. I am glad I hired Kassius’ firm.

Sebastine C.

I really appreciate Kassius. The work he did on my son’s case was first rate! Thanks to Kassius, my son does not have a criminal record, and he now has a future. Thank you Kassius and your Firm.


Kassius, I appreciate all the effort from you in making sure you proved my innocence. I’m happy to have my case behind me. Thank you very much.

Keith W.

Thank you Kassius for giving my son a second chance at a successful future. You are a very talented man. Right now I have tears in my eyes because I am so happy and relieved.

Q.W. – Mother of Client

Kassius helped me immensely when I found myself facing my 2nd felony DWI and a prison sentence. He convinced the Court to give me probation instead and allow me to be the person I should.

Sam A.

Kassius Benson is an unprecedented trial lawyer. Despite DNA and fingerprint evidence being against me, Kassius convinced the jury that I did not unlawfully possess the firearm found in my car.

Joe H.

Kassius, I want to thank you for all that you did for me. You not only defended me with excellent results, but more importantly, you inspired me to change my life! You always treated me with kindness and respect.

Michael Z.

Experienced & Highly Trained Criminal Defense Attorney

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Kassius O. Benson

Kassius O. Benson is an accomplished criminal defense trial lawyer having tried over 150 jury trials to verdict. He is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist.  Mr. Benson represents individuals and businesses charge with major crimes in the State and Federal Courts of Minnesota and Washington, D.C. and multiple federal district courts throughout the country.

Office: 612-333-2755 | Cell: 612-267-6972.

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