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White collar crime refers to several non-violent crimes in which allegations of cheating or dishonesty are their common element. White collar crimes are typically financial crimes. The cases are frequently complex and technical, so not every criminal defense attorney or criminal law firm is qualified to defend white collar criminal charges. The lawyers at Kassius Benson Law, P.A. have the experience and knowledge to provide a powerful and effective legal defense for white collar crimes.

Attorney Kassius Benson will be there to exploit every weakness in the prosecution’s case and argue to get any questionable evidence suppressed.  If you have already provided a statement or even a confession, we may be able to get it thrown out. Kassius Benson will explore every possible avenue to get your white collar criminal case dismissed, win the case at trial, or to minimize the penalties you could be facing.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, or have reason to believe you may be accused, but have not yet been charged, call Kassius Benson Law, P.A. immediately. Many white collar crimes can be dealt with outside of court before formal charging or indictment.  Most importantly, don’t make any statements without a criminal attorney; contact us immediately at (612) 333-2755 or online via our contact us form.

Your Rights During White Collar Crime Investigations

Speaking with police investigators without your attorney present is never a good idea. Even if you feel you have nothing to hide, you can unintentionally waive your constitutional rights and make inadvertent statements that later appear incriminating. Further, you are not required to allow searches of your property, computers or documents without search warrants. Protect yourself by invoking your right to an experienced defense attorney.

Kassius Benson has the in-depth knowledge required to complete the significant analysis of evidence related to white collar crime. He provides strong, attentive and extremely effective representation.  He will listen to you and work discretely to protect your reputation as much as possible.  He defends white collar crime cases involving:

  • Tax fraud
  • Securities fraud, including investigations involving the SEC and FTC
  • RICO Act violations
  • Mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Campaign finance fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Perjury/false statements
  • Government contracting fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Data breaches
  • Administrative misconduct
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Price-fixing
  • Workplace harassment
  • Bid rigging
  • Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) violations
  • Tax evasion
  • Professional malfeasance
  • Forgery
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Check Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
  • Computer Fraud and Internet Crimes


Many charges can revolve around fraud, including credit card fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, and Internet fraud, among others. Every fraud case is different.

Tax Fraud

Criminal tax fraud investigations are among the most terrifying weapons employed by the government in its white collar enforcement efforts.  Why is this the case?

First: Prosecutors and IRS Criminal Investigative Division (CID) Agents enjoy far greater powers in conducting tax fraud investigations than they do in handling other white collar matters.

Second: When federal authorities investigate you for any potential federal crime, from public corruption to arms dealing, they often will obtain and examine your tax returns. If you reported income stemming from an activity the government is investigating, you have arguably admitted some role in that activity. But if you did not report any income from questionable activities, the government may decide to bring tax fraud charges against you.

Third: Criminal tax fraud investigations present ongoing dangers. You have to pay taxes and file tax returns every year. But many of the routine questions you answer as part of filling out your return can have devastating consequences if you are caught up in a criminal tax fraud investigation.

For example, assume that you are under investigation for illegally sheltering money in a foreign bank account as part of an alleged tax fraud scheme. Assume further that the account is not in your name, but that the government believes you control it. Do you report the interest income from the account when filling out this year’s return in order to avoid new charges? If so, have you admitted that you control the account and that prior tax returns, where interest income was not reported, were knowingly false? Or should you invoke the Fifth Amendment as to interest income questions on the tax return? And in what manner are you even allowed to invoke the Fifth Amendment when completing a tax return?

Attorney Kassius O. Benson represents individuals and businesses as part of his white collar criminal defense practice, including clients involved in tax fraud investigations. Mr. Benson’s knowledge of the federal criminal laws concerning income tax fraud, income tax evasion, payroll tax fraud, and his understanding of how the government prosecutes these cases, help him protect and defend his clients. Mr. Benson can help lead clients through the dangerous landscape of a tax fraud investigation or prosecution.

Being in the cross-hairs of a tax fraud case is one of the most terrifying events anyone can face. IRS CID Special Agents are unlike any other federal law enforcement officers in their tactics and powers.  Agents often show up unannounced and in numbers at your office or home, catching you off guard at odd hours and asking rapid-fire questions. It is extremely dangerous and unwise to discuss anything of substance with them unless you first consult a criminal defense attorney experienced in federal tax fraud defense. Not just any lawyer will do. Success in tax fraud cases requires meticulous and dedicated legal representation. Extensive experience combined with an intimate understanding of white collar legal issues gives you an edge in court, where it counts the most.

Three Important Rules When Facing Tax Fraud Investigation

Be careful in hiring an accountant: Persons under investigation for criminal tax fraud should typically not personally retain their usual accountant, or any accountant, to help analyze their situation. This is because there is no such thing as an accountant-client privilege in the context of a federal criminal investigation. Thus, IRS CID Special Agents can get everything they need from such an accountant. Instead, your attorneys can hire what is known as a Kovel accountant, under the shield of the attorney-client privilege, and properly protect your conversations with that professional. Mr. Benson has experience in employing Kovel accountants to aid the defense team in tax fraud investigations.

Be careful about audits: Responses given in civil audits can be used in criminal prosecutions. Mr. Benson can advise you on the procedures for enduring an “eggshell audit.”  If you are being audited by the IRS and believe you may have exposure to criminal prosecution, an experienced attorney is required to limit your criminal exposure.

Be careful about offering to pay: By the time the IRS has decided to seek a criminal indictment, no amount of money will make the problem go away. Offers to resolve the issue by paying the IRS can be deemed an admission of guilt and used against you in court. It is usually, but not always, the wrong thing to do.

If you are being audited, investigated or charged with tax fraud or tax evasion of any kind, feel free to contact white collar criminal defense attorney Kassius O. Benson at the Minneapolis or Washington D.C. offices of KASSIUS BENSON LAW, P.A. at 612-333-2755.

You may also call Mr. Benson at 612-267-6972 (cell phone) or via email at

Computer Crimes

Computer hacking, computer fraud, and other allegations of fraud perpetuated through a computer are types of white collar crime. All require a level of technical awareness and computer knowledge or resources.  T


Embezzlement is the theft from one’s employer. Embezzlement charges can be charged for any amount of money and frequently include credit card fraud, stealing of either small amounts over time or a single, large amount and may also include bookkeeping manipulation. Call today at (612) 333-2755.

Racketeering / RICO

Racketeering charges involve allegations of gaining money through extortion, bribery, blackmail or other means by people who are part of an illegal operation. The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is often used to prosecute alleged offenders. Penalties are severe and an experienced defense lawyer is critical. Contact Kassius Benson today at (612) 333-2755.

If you are under investigation for any white collar crime, it is essential to obtain a defense lawyer as soon as possible. The earlier you bring an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney into the investigative process, the better your rights can be protected. Contact Kassius Benson online via our contact us form, or call 612-333-2755 (Minnesota) or 202-744-2544 (Washington, D.C.) to discuss your situation, questions and concerns.

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