State v. Dunnorm: Kassius Benson obtained dismissal of felony drug case involving 500 pounds of marijuana.  Client arrested and charged with First Degree Controlled Substance -Possession with Intent to Sell over 500 Pounds of Marijuana in Otter Tail County (Fergus Falls), Minnesota.  After an evidentiary hearing on Kassius Benson’s motion to suppress evidence, the Court agreed with Mr. Benson that the police officer overreached and illegally extended a traffic stop in order to illegally search the vehicle in which our client was a passenger.  The Court suppressed the evidence and the case was dismissed.
State v. Hart: Attorneys at Kassius Benson Law, P.A. obtained Dismissal of a First Degree Possession of Methamphetamine charge in Chisago County, Minnesota.  The case involved over a pound of Methamphetamine. The Court suppressed the evidence after finding the search of Client’s vehicle was illegal.
State v. Duffy: Kassius Benson, Lead Counsel, and Associate Attorney Tayler Rahm and our client “J.D.” obtained a dismissal of a charge of First Degree Possession of Methamphetamine in Mille Lacs County District Court following suppression of all evidence. After fighting the case for 16 months, through 2 days of hearings and intensive briefing, the Court agreed with Mr. Benson and Mr. Rahm that members of the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Department conducted an illegal warrantless search of client’s garage, home and property absent lawful consent. Regarding the victory, Senior Counsel Kassius Benson stated, “We were able to demonstrate that law enforcement intended to search J.D.’s house whether or not they had consent. The officers here bullied, pressured and coerced J.D.’s girlfriend to allow access to, and open doors on, the property. The Court made the right call, and suppression of evidence was required. Hopefully, this ruling will have some effect on the future behavior of these officers.” Because of the suppression of the evidence and dismissal of the case, J.D. avoided a prison sentence of over 12 years. Congratulations to J.D., Kassius and Tayler! Great work.
State v. Huttner: Kassius Benson obtained dismissal of a felony weapons charge in Scott County, MN.  Client was facing a mandatory 5 year prison commit if convicted. This result was particularly satisfying as the prosecutor’s dismissal of all counts came on the day of trial after 2 and a half years of pretrial motions, hearings, and litigation.
State v. Gilmer: Client arrested and charged with Second Degree Attempted Murder, First Degree Assault against a Police Officer, and Second Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. After a contested motions hearing, the murder charge was dismissed. Mr. Benson convinced a jury to find his client Not Guilty of remaining assault charges.
State v. Thompson Client received a probation disposition on felony drug and firearm possession charge as well as a Burglary in the 1st Degree Charge in Hennepin County.  Although facing a 3 year prison sentence , the Court stayed imposition of the sentence and sentence Mr. Thompson to probation.
State v. Young: Client arrested and charged with two separate multiple count complaints of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First, Second, and Third Degrees. After 3 jury trials resulting in several Not Guilty verdicts and a successful appeal, all remaining charges were dismissed.
State v. Martinez: Kassius Benson obtained a probation sentence for Client charged with First Degree Sale of Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine) and Possession of Firearm in St. Louis County, Minnesota – Virginia Courthouse.
State v. Perkovich: Kassius Benson obtains rare dispositional departure to probation on a 1st Degree Methamphetamine Distribution Charge in St. Louis County – Duluth Courthouse. The probation result was particularly impressive because the allegations involved over 350 grams of Methamphetamine. Kassius Benson and the Firm fought for over a year in order to obtain this result.
U.S.A. vs. J.D. Kassius Benson obtains dismissal of all charges for client charged with drug conspiracy in the United States District Court for District of North Dakota.
State v. Jones: Client was wrongfully charged with felony Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft. After a contested hearing, Mr. Benson convinced the court to dismiss all charges against client.
State v. Abdulai Client was facing long prison sentence for his second felony DWI charge.  Senior Counsel Kassius Benson and Associate Attorney Tayler Rahm convince the Court to hand down a sentence of probation instead.  This probation sentence was an exceptional one given the circumstances.
State v. Ward: January 2018: Kassius Benson obtained dismissal of charge of First Degree Possession of Controlled Substance (Heroin) (Over 50 grams) in Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Client avoided a prison sentence of over 12 years.
 State v. Newman-Traxler: December 2017: Kassius Benson obtained a Probation Sentence for Client on a charge of First Degree Controlled Substance in Renville County, Minnesota.  The allegations involved possession with intent to sell over 50 grams of methamphetamine.  Client had a lengthy prior record. However, he followed the plan for rehabilitation and treatment developed by Mr. Benson which allowed Mr. Benson to convince the prosecution and Court to grant probation.
State v. Loyd: Client charged with First Degree Possession and First Degree Sale of a Controlled Substance. At a pretrial hearing, Mr. Benson argued that Mr. Loyd’s constitutional rights were violated due to the illegal search and seizure of Mr. Lloyd. The court suppressed the evidence and dismissed the case.
State v. Washington: Client found Not Guilty after Jury Trial in Hennepin County, Minnesota.  Client was charged with felony Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree.  After a one-week jury trial, Mr. Benson convinced the jury that his client was innocent and that the Complaining Witness had engaged in consensual sex.
State v. Campo: Client arrested and charged with First Degree Controlled Substance (Cocaine). After a contested hearing, Mr. Benson convinced court to dismiss all charges due to failure of the prosecutor to disclose confidential informant.
In Re Q.A.: Client charged in Hennepin County Juvenile Court with sex-related computer crime. Mr. Benson negotiated a Stay of Adjudication for the felony – level offense. This disposition is rare in Minnesota, and obtained through creative and aggressive pre-charging efforts by Mr. Benson.
State v. Stewart: Client charged with multiple counts of Controlled Substance Crime in the First and Second Degree. Charges dismissed after a motions hearing in which Mr. Benson argued that the police violated the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.
 J.D. vs. $82,923.00 in U.S. Currency & 2 Gold Bars, Watches and Jewelry Consistent with a decision suppressing evidence and dismissing the related criminal case in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota, Kassius Benson Law, P.A., was successful in obtaining the return of Client’s property valued well over $100,000 in a forfeiture action.
State v. Debrobander: Client charged with Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree. The case was dismissed after a pretrial hearing where Mr. Benson convinced court that Clients constitutional rights were violated due to an unlawful Terry-stop by police.
State v. Pegues: Not Guilty Verdict after jury trial where Client was charged in Sherburne County (Elk River), Minnesota with Felony Malicious Punishment of a Child.  Client maintained his innocence from the outset of the case.  Kassius Benson presented an aggressive criminal defense of the charges.  After a tense, emotional, and dramatic jury trial, the jury found Client Not Guilty. 
State v. Alley: Client charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine and Oxycontin). After several motions, hearings and trial dates, all charges were dismissed.
United States v. Pacheco  April 2018 – Client sentenced in federal drug distribution conspiracy to a 90-month sentence. The sentence was a downward departure from a possible sentence of over 20 years. The case was venued in the United States District Court for Minnesota.
State v. Kinsella: Client charged with Felony Driving While Intoxicated in the First Degree. When he received this charge, Client was on probation for a Felony DWI case. Through creative representation and use of his relationships with chemical dependency and mental health experts, Mr. Benson was able to develop a defense strategy and treatment plan that ultimately convinced the Court to sentence Client to probation once again. Client avoided a substantial prison sentence and is succeeding while on probation.
State v. Warwas: Client charged with First Degree Controlled Substance Crime, Second Degree Controlled Substance Crime and Fleeing a Police Officer in Motor Vehicle in Itasca County, Minnesota. Despite prior drug convictions and a potential prison sentence of over 10 years, Kassius Benson obtained a sentence of PROBATION for Mr. Warwas.
In the Matter of L.W. : Client was a juvenile arrested and charged with Aggravated Robbery and facing Certification for the purpose of being tried as an adult. Mr. Benson mounted a successful defense of the certification effort and L.W. remained in juvenile court. Client has successfully completed juvenile programming and avoided adult consequences.
United States vs. Naovalath: Client indicted in federal court as part of a conspiracy to distribute ecstasy. After an aggressive and determined defense of the charges, the prosecution agreed to dismiss conspiracy charge opening the door to a sentence of probation on a lesser charge.
 State v. Jones Client charge with being a felon in possession of a firearm and facing mandatory prison time.  Forensic tests indicated that client’s DNA on the weapon at issue.  Mr. Benson convinced the jury of the truth that Mr. Jones friend had tossed the gun into his lap and Mr. Jones was not responsible for his temporary possession of the firearm.  The jury found Mr. Jones Not Guilty in less than 2 hours.
 State v. Preston Client was a young woman charged with being the getaway driver in an armed robbery of a jewelry store.  The persons who committed the robbery were client’s half-brothers.  Mr. Benson filed a motion to dismiss the Complaint for lack of probable cause.  Shortly before the date of the court’s ruling, the prosecution dismissed the case.
Post-Conviction, State v. Lemire Client retained Mr. Benson to seek the extraordinary post-conviction relief of early termination of his lifetime parole for first degree murder.  Mr. Benson petitioned the Minnesota Department of Corrections for this relief.  The petition was granted for only the 2nd time ever in Minnesota.
 State v. Thompson Client charged with Possession of Methamphetamine and Marijuana.  Kassius Benson obtained a dismissal and managed to get Mr. Thompson’s vehicle returned in a concurrent forfeiture matter.
 State v. Ciaciura Client was charged with Domestic Assault and Disorderly Conduct.  He was also facing a parole revocation if he were convicted.  Kassius Benson did an amazing cross-examination and closing argument at the jury trial.  The jury took only 30 minutes to find Mr. Ciaciura “Not Guilty”.
 USA V. Schumacher Kassius Benson successfully obtained a non-prison probationary sentence for a client in the federal U.S. District Court for Minnesota on a Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana case. Our client put in a lot of work with 12-step programming and rehab to allow Mr. Benson to make a great argument on his behalf.
 State v. Duffers Client charged with Assault in the First Degree in Hennepin County, Minnesota.  Kassius Benson convinced the jury that his innocent client did not commit the crime.  The jury returned with a not guilty verdict in only 2 hours.
 State v. Lubbers Client charged in St. Louis County, Minnesota with Second Degree Sale of a Controlled Substance and facing a significant mandatory prison sentence if convicted.  Kassius Benson obtained a dismissal of the charge on the eve of trial.
 State v. Thompson Client charged with mandatory prison charge of Assault with Deadly Weapon (Gun).  Attorney Kassius Benson obtained a Not Guilty verdict after a jury trial.
 State v. Ciaciura 2016 – Kassius Benson obtains dismissal of domestic assault charges against client.
 State v. Moore On September 3, 2015, Attorney Kassius Benson obtained a dismissal of Criminal Sexual Conduct charges in Blue Earth County, Minnesota on behalf of our Firm’s client.  The dismissal was based in large part on pretrial motions and the Firm’s investigation.
 State v. Huttner  On September 25, 2015, Attorney Kassius Benson obtained a Not Guilty Jury Verdict in Hennepin County, Minnesota for Client charged with a felony for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.  In this case, client’s fingerprints and DNA were found on the firearm.  Mr. Benson still persuaded the jury of client’s innocence. Our client was facing a mandatory 5-15 year prison sentence had he been convicted.
 State v. Chukwu  January 21, 2016, Attorney Kassius Benson obtained a Diversion Disposition for his client charged with a controlled substance crime.  Client needed Diversion to pursue his graduate school curriculum without the impact of a drug conviction.